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the platform
for young talents
in design
and architecture
Buy a book and change the world!
With the revolutionary :output pricing system you have the choice to either pay more, or less or exactly the regular price of 25 Euro for the new edition of :output. By paying a higher amount you support a young talent somewhere on the planet (by making the book affordable for them). By paying a lower amount you claim to be one of these talents yourself.

Needless to say we are radical optimists and believe in a better world and the honesty of our community.
:output 15 - the world's best student work in the 2012 edition
All 94 winning projects of the :output Award 2012 in the special edition of the :output yerbook. An additional feature are the individual worksheeds where the students explain the creative process of their project.
Victim of the system25 Euro-24 Euro
Student25 Euro-10 Euro
Young Designer25 Euro
Professor/Professsional25 Euro+20 Euro
The greatest :output supporter25 Euro+225 Euro
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